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Advance Directives

You have the right to make choices regarding life-sustaining treatments (including resuscitative measures. This is most often done by executing an Advance Directive/Living Will/Health Care Proxy. If you have such directives we encourage you to bring them to the center with you. Please be advised that Presidio Surgery Center is, for reasons of conscience, committed to providing prompt emergency treatment until EMS arrives to transport you to the hospital. Patients who have outpatient surgery are expected to be in reasonably good health to begin with. The expectation is that they will have the planned procedure and go home within 23 hours. Any unexpected events that occur during or after surgery are acute situations that can hopefully be treated. We will gladly place a copy of your advance directive on your chart for reference in the unlikely event that you are transferred to an acute care hospital. If you have an Advance Directive but did not bring it to the center, a note will be made on your medical record indicating where your Advance Directive is on file. Should you choose to seek alternative care due to the facility policy, we are happy to help with a referral.

Should you wish information on Advance Directives, Presidio Surgery Center will provide information to you. You may also access the following organizations for more information:

Download this document: Presidio-Advance-Directives

The form of consent is available for your review prior to the day of surgery by request.